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The Red Siren Full Movie In Hindi 720p

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A 12 y.o. girl reports her powerful mom to the police for having killed the nanny. She runs away and is helped by an ex-soldier/assassin to find her dad in Portugal while the mom has her people try pr

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original title: The Red Siren

genge: Crime,Thriller,Action

imdb: 5

duration: 1h 58min

keywords: police, policestation, mercenary, girl, parisfrance, cigarettesmoking, stabbedinthestomach, shotinthestomach, shootout, wound, letter, church, violence, villainess, trailerhome, snufffilm, sniper, slo

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A 12 y.o. girl reports her powerful mom to the police for having killed the nanny. She runs away and is helped by an ex-soldier/assassin to find her dad in Portugal while the mom has her people try prevent this. Shooting follows. Nearly 13, Alice rebels, telling the Paris police that her mother is a murderer. Alice has no evidence; her mother, Eva, rich and powerful, avoids charges. Alice promptly runs away, determined to find her dad whom she claims lives in Portugal. The police believe he is dead and that Alice is in denial. Nonetheless, they dispatch Anita, an Italian police officer on loan to the French, to find Alice and bring her back. Meanwhile, Eva has launched her own paramilitary force to hunt for Alice, and Alice has found a protector in Hugo, an ex-soldier turned hit man and gang member. He promises to get her to her father. All roads lead to a small town on the Portuguese coast. This could have been a far better film than it was. It had a number of strengths: good script, excellent directing, good score and sound editing, good character development, etc.

However, it had one glaring fault that kept it from reaching its potential: the two leads couldn't act. If an actor's emotional range is say an octave, these two could only sing two notes. The supporting actress (detective) had about three. Together they had the dynamism of drying paint.

Despite this failure in casting this is still a good movie worth watching. It just could've been better. Its other strengths both redeem and save it. Even the Oedipal moment that was obviously coming, and one secretly cringed at its coming, when it finally came seemed a natural and just denouement.

One last observation: some may criticize the military tactics, i.e. speed of the attack; remember, this is make believe, not a training film. One might as well criticize the magic Hollywood guns that have far more bullets than any single clip will ever hold. The book is good. Written by a French author living in Canada, it mixes the innocence of childhood with the atrocity of warfare. The first is personified by a young girl trying to escape the authority of her quite unrecommendable mother; the second by a mercenary who just came back from Bosnia, where he experienced killings and genocide. The story is about him finding back traces of innocence by helping her to escape, to survive, and therefore to grow up. It is full of complexity in the characters and of permanent tension in the plot. It is the basis for an excellent movie.

Alas, ladies and gentlemen, here comes the first part of the spoiler: this isn't an adaptation from this book, or at least it goes so far from the book's purpose that it's unbearable. First, it is untruthful. Second, and more important, the freedom it takes towards the book doesn't make it better, on the contrary: the bad guys look strangely unprepared, the girl's mother isn't a powerful woman at all and looks completely unable to rationalize the gang she's supposed to lead.

More important, the girl becomes almost a secondary character, when she was at the core of the plot in the book - along with her father, the only convincing character in the film. Jean-Marc Barr doesn't show what he's able to do, and most actors (especially Asia Argento) empoverish their characters by forgetting they are excellent actors. The multiplicity of languages isn't rendered. And the final scene where Hugo refuses to stay with Anita, symbolizing his complete comeback to innocence and childhood, is turned into a strange enrollment of the girl into the pro-weapons lobby...

In short, this story deserves another film, with the same budget, the same technical crew (action scenes and visual effects are great, especially for a French movie!), and more or less the same actors. But a different choice should be made in what to keep from the book...


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